Could Whiskey Be Better For You Than Medicine During Flu Season?

It seems like most of our mom's growing up always knew what to do when we had a cough or a fever. They even seemed to have tricks that always seemed to work. As we grew up and got older, we had to learn the tricks ourselves or find our own. And this one might be it but only for adults! 

It seems like winter colds strike with a vengeance right now, at the end of the season. In my household we drink literally gallons of ginger and honey tea during the cold months. Fresh ginger tea is delicious, and it wards off colds pretty well.

 it's actually the honey that does the trick, I think. But the bourbon sure doesn't hurt. Taking a full spoonful of honey has been shown to be very effective at calming nighttime coughs (that, and gargling salt water, which is another very effective natural remedy for a bad cough). 

It's basically hot bourbon and lemon juice, with a heaping helping of honey. I cut it with a bit of water, too, but that's optional. It's an easy nightcap, steaming and warm, with a stiff shot of booze to put you to sleep, lemon for Vitamin C, and all that sweet honey to make it go down easy.

This also happens to be a cousin of the Irish Whiskey Skin, the hot little number that Nora shared with us last week. Try it — whether or not you have a cold, it's nice way to cap off the evening. If you want to avoid alcohol, hot lemon juice and honey (or hot milk and honey, for that matter) is a good nighttime drink too.

Mix the bourbon, lemon juice, and water (if using) in a tumbler or mug and heat in the microwave for about 45 seconds. (You can also do this on the stovetop in a little saucepan.) Take out and add the honey. Whisk to combine, then microwave for another 45 seconds.

If you're sick, it's best not to drink this too hot; a good warm temperature is better. Take it to bed and nurse it slowly with a book in the other hand. Sleep well!

I dare you to try it next time you are under the weather! 

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