Press These Points On Your Baby’s Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

Reflexology is an old Chinese practice which has only recently become very popular in the US.

It can help with many diseases and conditions, but it can also calm down crying babies! Since babies can’t tell you what’s wrong, they respond to physical pain by crying, but with reflexology, you can determine what the problem is and fix it quickly.


  • The top of the foot which touches the ground above the arch corresponds to the chest area. Massage of this part will treat colds, chronic coughs, and chest congestion, due to accumulation of phlegm. Studies confirm that reflexology treats all forms of congestion.


  • The foot center is linked to the sinuses, so pressing it will reduce sinus issues, such as a runny nose, and respiratory problems, and it will calm down the symptoms.


  • The heel of the foot is linked to the pelvis, so massage will soothe muscle tightness and postural problems. Yet, note that this practice is not a remedy and it provides only a temporary pain relief and relaxation.


  • Massaging the tips of the toes will treat problems linked to the teeth and head, and it will soothe the pain due to teething and ear infections.

Solar Plexus

  • The solar plexus contains the nerves between the stomach and lungs, and pain in this area is hard to determine due to the various nerve endings. Yet, massage of the upper area of the arch will treat the pain.


Photo: Getty Images/Twitter

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