You Can Now Wrap Christmas Presents Covered With Your Face

Halloween is OVER! Which means it's officially time to switch over to Christmas mode! (Yes, I totally skipped over Thanksgiving... sorry not sorry!) This time around I LOVE this idea for wrapping all my gifts! 

There is a company that let's your personalize your gift wrapping with YOUR face on it! YES! For less than $20, you can ditch the basic gift wrapping paper and go with something your friends and family will absolutely love!

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Here is how it works: When you log on to the website, you will first choose the gift wrap design to which you want the photo to be added. It sounds simple enough, but in reality this is probably the most difficult part of the process; there are so SO MANY designs to choose from.

Check out Gift Wrap My Face and try it out for yourself! Who's down for this!

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