Uber & Lyft Will Drive You To Your Polling Location For Free

Love this! Voting is so important and I'm pumped that companies like Lyft & Uber are doing this for people. Both  ride-share services Uber and Lyft are offering Election Day promos to make it easier for people to vote! 

Uber has announced it's offering $10 off a single ride to all users on Election Day. To use this promo.... launch the Uber app, tap Menu > Payment > Add Promo Code and enter the promotional code VOTE2018. This will allow you to request your ride using their special in-app polling place locater. 

Lyft is handing out promo codes for 50% off your ride to your voting location. To get your code, you'll need to visit this page, and then plug it into your app by tapping the Promos tab. 

Who's voting today!?!

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