One Clue From "Haunting Of Hill House" Finale That You Definitely Missed


Ok... if you've watching The Haunting Of Hill House then you know how amazing the show is and how incredible the finale was. It left people wanting more but it also left people with a lot of questions. 

So to catch you up... the Netflix series is about the Crain siblings as they deal with the lifelong fallout of a tragic night at Hill House which results in the death of their mother. In the season finale,  the surviving Crains return to Hill House and become trapped in the creepy "Red Room", before being freed by their father in exchange for his own life.

However... the actor plays drug addict sibling 'Luke Crain' in the show and recently said about a possibly missed Easter egg that proves the Crain siblings never actually left the Red Room.

"There's this thing that happens when we're all in the Red Room... Whenever each child, each sibling, is in the Red Room, something in the fantasy is red. And it'll be a very, very small thing... And so there's something at the end — it was Kate [Siegel], who plays Theo, who kind of pointed it out to me — with Luke's sobriety cake.... 

Um, she went, 'The cake is red'. And on set I went, 'Oh, my God!' And she went, 'I don't know!' And I asked Mike [Flanagan], and he went, 'I don't know'."

Thoughts? Do you believe it? 

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