Taco Bell Will Let Customers Throw In-Restaurant Parties: Book Yours Now!

It's final... i'm throwing my next birthday party at Taco Bell and everyone is invited! Forget getting drunk... I'm getting drunk on Tacos! Taco Bell is launching PARTY by Taco Bell. Starting Thursday, Nov. 8, Taco Bell fans can reserve and host their own parties at select Taco Bell locations across the U.S. Yes... this is real everyone!

“The next generation of modern entertaining may just have arrived” a press release for the PARTY campaign states. 

According to Bustle.com

A PARTY by Taco Bell includes you and one to ten of your closest friends having the time of your fourth meal-having life. Starting at $25, a PARTY includes reserved seating at the restaurant (this crucial) and a Taco Bell Party Décor Kit.

So down for this! Who's with me!?!

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