These Hit Songs We Originally For Other Artists

My mind is kind of blown right now by this! Did you know that there a few hit songs from your favorite artists that were actually meant for someone else first?! Check out the list below & let me know what ya think! This is also according to US Magazine

Britney Spears' break out track, ...Baby One More Time, put her on the map but did you know this song almost went to the trio, TLC, first? Could you imagine if this song never happened for Britney? Where would she be? Or would another have been the one to launch her career? Or imagine TLC singing this song! Just crazy! 

Lady Gaga's collaboration with Beyonce, Telephone, almost went to Britney Spears! Gaga actually wrote the song for the intention of Britney but she took it for herself because she loved it and of course added Queen Bey! 

Not sure if you knew this but Michael Jackson was originally supposed to have the Rock The Body track that was on Justin Timberlake's Justified album but he passed on it! Look what that track did for JT... just imagine what MJ could've done with it! 

Pretty Hurts from Beyonce's Lemonade album was written by Sia which for one I had no idea about! How cool eh?! Sia actually sent the song to Katy Perry and then Rihanna before it got in the hands of Beyonce and well Beyonce rocked it! 

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