Check Out The Morning Routines For Some Of The Most Successful People

Everyone has a different morning routine that if you stray and do just one thing differently, everything falls apart right? This goes for celebrities and other successful people in the world according to Fortune!

Here are some of the people and their routines:

- Jen Aniston

- Kim Kardashian West

  • Wakes up around 6am
  • Checks iPhone for messages & baby monitors
  • Checks social media and emails
  • Checks in with Kanye
  • Feeds kids 

- Oprah

  • Wakes up before sunrise
  • Meditates

- Queen Elizabeth

  • Wakes up at 7:30am
  • Has English Breakfast Tea
  • Reads newspapers and listens to the radio

If you want to read about other people's morning routines click HERE!

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