Tax Break Being Proposed For Diapers, Formula, & Tampons In Arizona

For people who buy diapers, formula and tampons on the regular, you could be looking at a tax break on these items in the future here in Arizona according to AZCentral.

What does a tax break mean? If you buy these items, you wouldn't have to pay tax on them and that money you save can go towards more of it. 

"While it's not a huge thing for a lot of people in two-wage households ... if you are living on minimum wage and if you are a shift worker, working part time, it can become very expensive very quickly," State Rep, Daniel Hernandez Jr. said.

And this change would also be beneficial to the Diaper Bank Of Southern Arizona. DPSA "provides diapers and adult incontinence supplies, as well as menstrual-hygiene products to families that can't afford them." It makes it more affordable for them to get more of them . 

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