Prepared To Get Interviewed At Kelly Clarkson's Concert


As some of you may know by now, Kelly has a new talk show, the Kelly Clarkson Show, headed for NBC this September. According to Variety, she is planning to interview audience members so make sure you are extra prepared if you plan to see her February 1st here in Phoenix. 

"Variety reports that Kelly plans to get her interviewing skills up to snuff by choosing random fans from the crowd during her concerts and bringing them onstage for a Q&A session. The interactions will also be live-streamed, so the whole world will be able to watch Kelly grill you."

Oh boy, the pressure is real! Hahahaha! 

"Alex Duda, the executive producer of The Kelly Clarkson Show, tells Variety, "It’s going to be great advance promotion for the show and it’s going to make her stronger at interviewing all different types of people."

Kind of a cool and new approach to a talk show format and adding something that is a part of Kelly's career!

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