A One Direction Reunion Might Be In The Works With Shawn Mendes

Someone pinch me! Wait don't that hurts but you get the idea because I am dreaming right now! Apparently according to Cosmopolitan, there is a One Direction reunion in the works with the last 4 members - Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. And to fill in Zayn's shoes, apparently Shawn Mendes is up for the challenge! 1 Irishman, 2 UK folks, and a Canadian! What could go wrong?! 

Okay let's clear things up first! Niall and Shawn started a Twitter feed about working on new music together which turned into a confirmation for the two to be collaborating but then Liam chimed in to be a part of the collab. Which then made Directioners just want a whole One Direction feature with Shawn Mendes. I would not be mad about it! 

So for now, we gotta get a petition going around for it to happen and then have a One Direction Reunion tour with Shawn Mendes! Those tickets would go so freaking fast! 

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