Barbie Has Released Dolls In A Wheelchair & Another With A Prosthetic Leg

Barbie has always been the one product that has tested boundaries. Most recently, Barbie gave her male dolls man buns! Now according to Teen Vogue , Barbie has actually created Barbie dolls in wheelchairs and others with prosthetic legs to help kids feel more included and make Barbie something for everyone.

"We’re going to be introducing a doll in a wheelchair and a doll representing physical disabilities. She has a prosthetic limb," Kim Culmone, Mattel's vice president of Barbie Design, told Teen Vogue. "[There will be] additional body sizes — a Barbie with a smaller bust and less-defined waist. A wheelchair or doll in a wheelchair was one of the most requested items through our consumer ... hotline. It's important to us to listen to our consumers."

In addition to the wheelchair and prosthetic leg Barbies, there will be ones created with different body sizes - skinny, plus-size, different measurements and so forth.

"It is a continuation of our mission to really show all girls they have limitless potential, that it's not the end," Culmone said of the new line. "This is just a continuing commitment thats about the present and the future."

Looks like I will be buying more Barbie dolls!

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