Marshmello's Vegas Residency Is Expected To Be The Most Expensive Residency


From Calvin Harris and Tiesto to Zedd and the Chainsmokers, Vegas has been filled with different DJ residencies over the years but one guy could be leading the way for the most expensive residency in Vegas. That guy is none other than Marshmello according to Billboard.

Did you expect that? I sure didn't but apparently the Palms are willing to pay him $60 million for a two-year residency which would be "largest EDM deal in the history of the city." Yet, the Palms Casino Resort General Manager hasn't confirmed anything - apparently they don't "disclose" their deals.

"Outside of the total reinvestment dollar figure disclosed publicly on earnings calls -- $690 million -- Palms/Station Casinos does not disclose the specifics of individual project costs, partner deals or residency contracts."

According to Billboard, Calvin Harris who has been named #1 "highest-paid DJ" by Forbes magazine last year, making $48 million!

Marshmello is however lined up to perform at the Palms this summer.

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