Y2K Stops by the KISS FM station in Phoenix

Y2K made a visit to KISS FM Phoenix yesterday to interview on Club KISS and play Flames or Lames. We got know the story about his newly famous song "Lalala" with bbno$ and how it became a hit. It has been trending recently with up to 118% in audio streams. Some of the popularity also comes from the video app TikTok, where it has been used over 900,000 times. His music video was also recently released and already has over 20 million views. The video is both Y2K and bbno$ in suits on a Pee Wee Herman like set rapping the song and while puppets of them also rap. It is definitely colorful and a fun idea.

How did this song become so popular? Well with a some smart marketing strategies they dropped the song and sent it to popular blogs including Lyrical Lemonade and Elevator with fake origin stories about how the two met and created the song. Listen to the song below if you haven't heard it yet.