HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Top Tip for Living With Each Signs


Top tip for living with Aries: Try not to be judgmental.

Aries needs someone who is a very non-judgmental living partner. It’s important not to micromanage or tell them what to do. Aries can be so aggressive in their regular life that when they get home, it's really a point for them to unwind.

It would be helpful to put a little visual chore wheel on the refrigerator. That will help them remember to do those things.”


Top tip for living with Taurus: Create an interior design plan.

Tauruses take a lot of pride in their home environment, says Holmes. Home is a reflection of who they are and what they have been able to achieve. To some extent, having a wonderful home life and having a wonderful house is a lot like having a trophy. For that reason, living with a Taurus requires you both to get on the same page about what that space actually looks like.


Top tip for living with Gemini: Understand that Gemini may act differently in and out of the house.

Gemini, the sign of the twins, has an intrinsic sense of duality. You might notice that Gemini is a social butterfly, as they’re out and about. Then, once they’re home, they tend to isolate. Their home life is their sense of retreat. This is their sense of, ‘Please do not bother me. I'm exhausted by all the energy that I've expended. It’s also possible that Gemini won’t want to do chores or run errands together, because they enjoy doing that by themselves.


Top tip for living with Cancer: Schedule cleaning days and get a variety of chores done.

Cancer is an empathic and nurturing sign. Within their home life, they’re very oriented toward other people. There’s a community-oriented aspect of Cancer, who value a harmonious and clean home. To ensure you’re both on the same page, try to establish a chore day or a chore weekend where you can get all the things done. That variety makes it easier for Cancer to get through their work.


Top tip for living with Leo: Make sure that you’re being perceptive and considerate of their feelings.

Leo placements are actually a bit more reserved when it comes to their home life, adding that it’s important to be considerate toward your Leo roommate. How? Check in with them before having people over and give them a heads up when you know you won’t be able to get to your chores.


Top tip for living with Virgo: Be open to a surprising living situation.

Virgos are way more fun to live with than I think people realize. If you live with a detailed-oriented Virgo, you’re likely living with someone who’s a born intellectual. As such, they might have an at-home library or decorations from around the world.


Top tip for living with Libra: Ask what "home" means to them and what their dream home looks like.

Creating an adult-feeling home is really important to Libra. If you’re living with an aesthetic-valuing Libra, though, it’s key to have a conversation about what their dream home looks like. Additionally, it may be beneficial to understand that as a sign that craves harmony in their relationships, Libra might not bring up any concerns they have in their living arrangement.


Top tip for living with Scorpio: Be very patient.

When living with a Scorpio, consider all the things they stand to offer your living arrangement to help you feel better about frustrating shortcomings. They literally just might not know something that seems like common sense or common practice. And though that may be frustrating, they might bring a unique interior design or tool into the living environment that no one else might be able to think of.


Top tip for living with Sagittarius: Set boundaries as soon as possible.

Because Sagittarius is regarded as the freedom-loving zodiac sign, they may do the bare minimum when it comes to chores, so they can get back to doing what they want. And since Sagittarius sees their home as a sanctuary open to all, they might also be inclined to bring in items or creatures from the street. This is why it’s integral to set boundaries with this fire sign as soon as possible. Get clear on what you are and aren’t comfortable with, and then share that with your Sag roommate.


Top tip for living with Capricorn: Get an idea of which chores they like (and don’t like) to do.

In the home, Capricorn placements remain strategic and practical. Home is probably where they go and just clear their mind. It might also be a stopping point from the world. Because of that, Cap likes to have a clean space. An important note: Depending on how they’re feeling, Capricorn might finish home tasks themselves or be more inclined to outsource their chores. Either way, though, you’ll generally have a clean home.


Top tip for living with Aquarius: Keep in mind that Aquarius might want to be accommodated.

Though Aquarius is typically regarded as the rebel of the zodiac, they actually like to be babied in their home. Aquarius placements want to have roommates who are very accommodating and giving, because they’re like that, too. To live well with an Aquarius, it's also key to set healthy boundaries. Like, maybe they walk around in their undies, and you’re not a big fan of that. The best course of action is to let them know, just so Aquarius isn’t making themselves overly comfortable.


Top tip for living with Pisces: Remind them of things they unintentionally forget.

It’s possible that dreamy Pisces will forget the boundaries you’ve set with them. Keep in mind that there’s no malicious intent here. Your Pisces roommate isn’t exactly trying to overstep your boundaries. Rather, they’re simply prone to having their head in the clouds, which means they might need to be reminded both of those boundaries and of the chores they may be neglecting.

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