HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How To Flirt With Someone


While it shouldn’t feel like a game, Aries appreciates getting to work for the desired outcome. And what if you shoot your shot and a lunar Aries hasn’t gotten back to you? If you ever have to wonder how an Aries moon feels about you, there’s your answer: They don’t. Because Aries is a self-starting sign, they’ll likely let you know when (or if) they feel anything for you.


Because Taurus is a sensuous sign, your best bet for flirting with a Taurus is to find things that you have in common. If you can align yourself with their values and priorities, not only will that give you something to talk about, but it'll demonstrate that you have enough in common to have a future together. One thing to note: Taurus moons take their time to develop romantic connections, so try not to rush this placement or feel discouraged if they’re not moving at your speed.


Geminis flirt through intellectual stimulation. If you can keep a Gemini guessing, that's reason enough for them to return. So, if you’re flirting with a Gemini, you might want to skip the Netflix and chill—since that might not provide the most fertile grounds for conversation.


How does one of the most empathic signs flirt? Cancer flirt by taking care of you—by sending you soup when you’re sick, by making sure that whatever date is planned is catered to your needs and interests. Additionally, Cancer’s symbol is the crab, which means someone with this placement might retreat if they’re feeling uncomfortable. To avoid any misunderstandings. It's important to remember that while they may dish it, they very likely cannot take it.


Fire sign Leo might not want to put themselves out there unless they know they feel appreciated. To show your appreciation to your Leo crush, really validating them—from what they're wearing, to what they're saying, to what they're feeling. Try getting to know Leo beyond what's under the surface.


Virgo tends to have an interest in people who are well-versed in a topic. What is attractive to Virgo is someone who is really good at what they do; someone who can explain all the ins and outs of it. For that reason, flirting with this sign might feel like they’re dissecting your brain. To be sure, that’s a sign that they’re interested. Before you start the banter, though, be prepared to match their energy. Virgos will bend over backwards for you, but if you do not do the same, they'll stop trying.


Harmony-loving Libra is the quintessential romantic. As such, they’ll go into all flirting interactions with a romanticized conception of love and may need a minute to sort out how they feel about you. Libra's approach to flirting is a bit more nuanced. They're not going to chase after you, but they're definitely going to start conversations to see who you really are—and you need to be ready to show up fully.


Scorpios—may have a particularly strong intuition. You have to show up super authentically because a Scorpio can sniff out a lie from a mile away. As opposed to other zodiac signs, Scorpios may flirt by calling you out—just to see what your response is. Try not to sugarcoat anything. If you have to cancel, just be honest about why. If you're having doubts, be upfront.


Sagittarius moons have no filter, so their flirting style might be less, um, traditional. Usually, Sagittarius is the person delivering hard truths. This is also how they filter out people who can and can't hang; who are put off by extreme honesty. Their flirtation style is too thin the herd with their honesty before they even look at the prospects that are left over.


Like Libra, goal-oriented Capricorn can also take a while to figure out how they feel about someone. Due to their practical nature, a flirtatious Capricorn might resemble someone who’s interviewing you for a job. They may ask you a lot of questions before they’re emotionally invested. When you’re flirting with a Capricorn, you need to keep in mind that even if you’re attracted and compatible, they need to know that the relationship would actually work.


Because Aquarius placements tend to have eclectic interests and want things on their own terms, flirting with this sign might be something of a catch-22. Aquarians are open-minded and stubborn at the same time, so an Aquarius's flirting style is probably going to be a very weird conversation. Think: fun and random facts...or intense and philosophical debates.


Pisces moons are incredibly romantic. Pair that with the fact that Pisces is also a dreamy sign, and you may be able to see how their imagination might get the best of them when they're flirting with a crush. If they don't know where you stand, they will make up stories that you're not interested. To best flirt with a Pisces, then, not showing your whole hand at once, but definitely making it clear that you're still in the game.

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