HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Which Beyonce song are you based on your sign

Aries- Love on Top

Aries people are confident, witty, enthusiastic and passionate. They are not afraid to take risks in life. So, their Beyonce tune would be Love on Top.

Taurus- XO

Beyonce’s love song XO defines the joy of being in a relationship, which suits Taurus personality well. Since Taureans are romantic persons who are highly dedicated to their love of life, so this is the right song for them.

Gemini- If I were a boy

This song talks about the double standards of people. Gemini zodiac sign is often known to be two-faced. They are also quite curious about other people’s lives. So, this song is suitable for them.

Cancer- Blue

Cancer is an emotional, sensitive and caring person. They have good parenting skills. So, the song Blue perfectly matches their personality. It talks about the joy of being a new parent. So, it is the right sog for Cancerians. 

Leo- Ego

Beyonce’s song Ego is all about taking up space emotionally and physically. And nobody can relate to this better than Leo because they know how to grab attention and be in the spotlight. 

Virgo- Gift from Virgo

Nothing can be more accurate for a Virgo than this song as the music itself celebrates the Virgo zodiac sign. Virgos are highly intelligent people who are hard workers, sorted, logical and pay keen attention to details.

Libra- Crazy in Love

Librans are the epitome of love and romance. So, nobody can understand this song the way a Libra can. This song deals with the foolishness of being in love. So, these people can relate to this.

Scorpio- Why Don’t You Love Me

Scorpions are emotional, intense, loyal and passionate. They are great lovers who are highly devoted to their love of life. But disloyalty really makes them annoyed and angry. So, this song matches them well as it shows an unseen side of Scorpio after being betrayed by an unfaithful lover. 

Sagittarius- Sorry

Sagittarius people are highly energetic and free-spirited. They love independence. In this song, Beyonce just lets her bad mood flow freely without being sorry about it. So, a Sagittarius can relate to this as they also don’t feel sorry if they are mistaken. 

Capricorn- Flawless

Capricorns are highly ambitious, practical and driven to reach their goals. They would give 100 percent and never stop until they reach their aim. So, the song Flawless defines their personality well.

Aquarius- Formation

Aquarius people want to know different things and gather knowledge about them. They want to talk about politics and other interesting topics to gain information. And the song 'Formation' is a call to action that wants to speak about the elements of the race and culture that are least discussed. 

Pisces- Drunk in Love

Drunk in Love is a true example of a Pisces person. They are extremely emotional, imaginative and romantic people. This song can be well-matched with their unapologetic emotional nature.

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