I Interviewed MAX! | Will there be a FULL KOREAN VERSION of Blueberry Eyes?!

BTS OVERLOAD! Debuting at Number 1 on the Hot 100, the iHeartRadio Music Festival, NPR Tiny Desk Concert & MORE!

A LOT has happened for BTS in the past few weeks so in this episode Ashley will run down all of their recent achievements, most notably the group historically debuting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

It's Dynamite Day! BTS' New Song Is Finally Here!

The day has finally come! BTS dropped their highly anticipated single 'Dynamite' and it has exceeded everyone's expectations! Listen now to hear Ashley talk about the feel-good single, the amazing music video and all the records the song has broken so far.

BTS 'Dynamite' is Giving Me Hella 90s Vibes & I am Here for it!

BTS have released the official concept photos for their upcoming song 'Dynamite' & WOW they are serving us 1990's Space Jam Realness and ARMY is HERE FOR IT. Hang with Ashley as she talks about each of the boys looks and what we can expect from this comeback!

BTS Is Dropping a New Single 'DYNAMITE'

Ashley is back to talk about BTS' new all-English single, Dynamite!!!

How Being an ARMY Has Affected Our Lives Ft. AZARMYCON

Becoming a BTS ARMY has affected all of our lives for the better, right?! In this episode, Ashley sits down with the girls behind AZ ARMY CON, an ARMY convention based in Arizona that revolves around BTS! They talk about how BTS has inspired them to create this event that has donated over $1,000 to BTS' UNICEF campaign. How has BTS impacted your life?

Why all ARMYs are Overwhelmed Right Now

There is SO much going on in BTS world right now. Hang with Ashley while she talks about MOTS: 7, the release of Black Swan, a possible grammy's performance AND the tour date announcement that all ARMYs are waiting for!

Storytime: I MET BTS!!!!

Ashley describes in detail the best day of her entire life. Listen to hear all about meeting BTS behind stage at our iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in LA at the Forum.

Namjoon and Lil Nas X Team Up for Seoul Town Road - A Surprise BTS Collab

Lil Nas X shocked us all when he dropped another Old Town Road remix out of the blue, this time featuring BTS! Ashley talks about the collab and brings in a local to hear another viewpoint on the song.

Convincing Your Coworkers/Friends to Stan BTS. Have You Turned Anyone Into an ARMY?

In this episode, Ashley reveals the success and failures she's had while trying to get people to change their mind about BTS. Find out if she's been able to turn anyone else at the station into an ARMY!