Drake Talks About His Relationship And Working With Chris Brown

Drake sits down in a nearly two and a half hour Rap Radar interview where he talks about pretty much everything he's gone through over the last decade. One of our favorite moments from his interview was his take on the entire situation with Chris Brown and how that relationship led into one of the biggest hits of 2019, "No Guidance".

Drake mentions that even when they tried linking up in the past, there was always some sort of resentment on both of their ends. Eventually, they discovered that it was all stemming from silly drama over a girl. Drake has nothing but love and respect for Rihanna, but realized that she is not actively a part of either of their lives, so there really was no point to keep the resentment there. Drake and Chris are both in great mental spaces right now so it was the perfect time put the past away and create some magic together.

Another turning point in their relationship that Drake talks about is the fact that Chris seems to be more trusting of him and gave him enough respect to allow Drake to take the lead when it came to creating their hit, "No Guidance" and the amazing music video that came with it (that dance battle at the end... genius!)

Finally, Drake confirms that the two have linked since "No Guidance" and have made more music that we will hopefully make their way onto Drake's next album!

Check out the full interview below.

Drake and Chris Brown in No Guidance Music Video

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