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Tino Cochino Radio is the fastest growing radio show in the country currently airing in 65+ cities. The cast includes Tino Cochino, Serina Perez,...Full Bio

Focus On The Castle (Ep102)

Snatched (04/22/24 - FULL SHOW)

The TCR team completely disagrees with Nicasio for his take on Listener Therapy, Matt shows his age again, Tino reveals a Nordstrom hack, and Serina gets called out for her driving...

Interview: Concrete

One of the funniest comedians out right now without a doubt! You've definitely seen his reels and skits on Instagram but this is your chance to get to know the man they call CONCRETE! From his journey through music and comedy to a secret he's never revealed to his parents, we're talking EVERYTHING! Enjoy!

Instagram: @concretelive @tinocochinoradio 

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Drake Diss (04/19/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener just shot his shot (and failed), "Drake" puts out a diss track AGAINST THE TCR TEAM, Matt can't stand the slang, Serina reveals the craziest things left in Ubers last year, Nicasio apparently doesn't know what a suit is, and Tino discusses the Rick Ross v Drake mansion debate...

Kid's Gap (04/17/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener does NOT want her boyfriend's mom to move in with them and their new baby, Nicasio thinks moms should stop dressing sexy, Serina breaks down a horrible first date, and Matt can't stop ripping on Tino's new underwear...

Chupie (04/17/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is thinking of kicking her friend out of her wine club, Matt's new 'stash is causing problems at home, Serina poses a question about kids in adult changing rooms, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Tino can't stand gullible TikTokers... 

Brace Face (04/16/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener gets hit on during a double date, Serina spills the tea about Ryan Garcia, Nicasio tries to explain why he hasn't married his girlfriend (of 13 years), Tino talks PDA, and Matt can't stand this new "hot accessory"...

Interview: Donnell Rawlings

Friend of the show, comedian Donnell Rawlings dropped by and caught up with the TCR crew. It's been a minute! We're talking everything from Diddy parties to his orginal Netflix taping not seeing the light of day. If you're looking for a laugh, you've found it. Enjoy!

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Instagram/TikTok: @tinocochinoradio @donnellrawlings

Sweaty Sleep (04/15/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is SICK of his wife making him late, Serina fails at dating advice, Nicasio takes some heat about marriage, and Tino checks on Matt because of recent online hate...

Led-Based Lunchables (04/12/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener does NOT want to be a surrogate for her cousin, Tino talks happiness with Gary Vee, Nicasio pisses off a chef, Matt thinks it's perfectly normal to put your parents in "a home", and Serina weighs in on "things that men do to make women melt."