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Fear Of Commitment feat SHAQ (Ep56)

This week, Tino shares a clip from his recent interview with SHAQ talking about the one thing he could change to better himself. We're also talking the 7 signs someone isn't ready to commit, listener testimonials, and more. Enjoy!

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#266 - Josh Hartnett

This week, Matt's out again for some convenient sickness. Tino talks the control of happiness and clarity. Serina apparently celebrates two anniversaries with her husband and Nicasio doesn't want to attend an event he was invited to because the perdon who gave the invite didn't show up to an event Nicasio threw. LOL! Enjoy!

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Young Men

Nicasio hates how Matt's dressed, Serina breaks down why more young men are single, and Tino talks tiny homes...

20 Questions (Ep55)

This week, Tino shares 20 questions from his recent breathwork experience. It was an intense class that helped him gain a ton of clarity. He also revels his personal answers to each question.

Get a pen or take some iphone notes and answer for yourself as well! Enjoy!

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#265 - Golden Clips

This week, Tino is focused on our content being instagram clip worthy! Serina was embarrassed by a child, Nicasio thinks it's ok to check out women infront of his girl and Matt's in-laws are pressuring religion on to his kids. Enjoy!

Instagram: @tinocochinoradio

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They Are Who They Are (Ep54)

This week, Tino answers some self reflection questions, talks attachement styles, and breaks down the placement of your expectations on others and how you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. Enjoy!

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A TCR listener has a crush on a guy that still lives with his ex, Matt shares his wedding horror story, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Serina says OnlyFans can be GOOD for your relationship!

West Nile

Serina struggles through Instadrama, Nicasio is NOT on the same page with his girl about having another child, Tino talks about a car that can repossess itself, and Matt takes crap for all his elaborate sicknesses...

Long Distance Makeout Sesh

High-maintenance Instadrama, Serina's husband has a circle of female friends, Tino talks a Chick-fil-A that will no longer allow kids into the restaurant, and Nicasio's life is just PERFECT (according to him)...