Drakes Reveals His Biggest Accomplishment Over The Last Decade

Everybody is talking about Drake and his latest interview with Rap Radar where he sat down for over two hours to discuss pretty much everything he went through over the last decade. He touched so many topics of discussion but what we loved the most, is that he finished the conversation on a positive, talking about his favorite accomplishment over the past ten years.

Drake has accomplished A LOT over the last decade of his career so how does he chose just one thing here?! Out of everything he could have talked about regarding his top accomplishments, the thing he is most proud of shocked us all. Drake is most proud of the simple fact that his career, to this day, holds a lot of integrity. He has traveled the world, met so many different people, and has made millions of dollars. Even with all of this, he has not let that fame destroy him. Drake still doesn't do drugs and is not a heavy drinker to the point of blacking out on the regular. Out of all of the opportunities that have been presented to him throughout his career, he is still intact. He is proud that he can still sit and have dinner with his mom, and she still recognizes the same Drake as before the fame, he is still there, true to himself, and she is still proud of him.

This leads Drake into touching on his hopes for the new young artist that are up and coming. He acknowledges that being at such a young age and diving into a life of fame is overwhelming and even more so when you have so much on your back, and so many people you are taking care of. A situation that nobody can understand until you've been there. But he hopes that the younger artist going through this, can stay true to themselves and be smart about the people they keep around. Drake is excited and wants to hear what these young artist have to say through their music, and the only way he can do that is if they stick around. That is Drake's hope for the next generation of artist, that they can stay to tell their stories.

Check out the full interview below.

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