DaBaby Arrested For Robbery Case

Footage has recently surfaced of rapper, DaBaby being arrested and later appearing in court being defiant and sending a very clear message to his lawyer. All this started because allegedly, DaBaby and his crew robbed a concert promoter for paying him $20,000 rather than the required $30,000. DaBaby and his team robbed the promoter of $80, his iPhone, and a credit card, but then threw apple juice at the promoter.

When he appeared in court for this situation, it was discovered that he has an active warrant for his arrested out in Texas for organized criminal activity. Due to this Texas warrant, DaBaby is being held without bond as his legal team works with Texas officials to get him released.

During his court appearance, DaBaby had a message for his lawyer, he has a quarter million dollars in his hotel room that he needs his lawyer to pick up for him. We're all hoping this gets resolved quickly, we all love DaBaby.


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