New Album Coming Soon By Mac Miller

It was just announced that on January 17th, 2020, we will be getting the album that Mac Miller was working on before his death. It was announced by his estate, that Malcolm was working on a companion album to follow "Swimming". The title of his first posthumous album will be titled "Circles", as his concept tying the two together was Swimming in Circles. Malcolm was working closely with Jon Brion to complete this album and after his tragic passing, Jon Brion felt the need to finish the album based on the conversations and time he had spent with Malcolm.

Mac Miller's family has stated that this new album will feature a different style for Malcolm and that it was created to be complimentary to the sound featured on "Swimming".

We definitely look forward to hearing the new album, but I'm sure we all wish Malcolm was here with us during the release.

Statement Posted By Mac Miller's Family

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