I Did It! Inspired By TCR. Crystal's Story

Crystal made the decision in 2019 to put her health first and lose weight. Crystal had a graduation in October so she decided that April that she would start a workout and meal plan put together by our very own Raquel. She also made huge lifestyle changes and stopped going out and drinking alcohol while she went through this transformation.

In less than one year, she went from 260lbs to 170lbs! This is a huge transformation in only a few months. You know this was only possible from her hard work and dedication and Raquel can vouch for her, she worked her ass off to get here. Congrats Crystal, you did it!

If you have a personal win you want to share with us, post it on your social media and tag #ididitTCR so we can celebrate with you!

From 260lbs to 170lbs in less than a year

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