I Did It! Inspired By TCR. Ron's Story

This week for TCR's 'I Did It', we talked to Ron who is a cancer survivor. Ron beat cancer and on his six month anniversary of being cancer free, he went in for a regular check up and was told that his cancer was back. Naturally, this would be devastating for anybody. But Ron didn't let this bring him down. He fought and beat cancer a SECOND time. Huge congrats to Ron!

Ron has a message to anybody out there who may be going through something similar, talk about it. Don't hold it in if you're feeling down because it will eat you alive. Ron doesn't think he would have been able to make it through this without the support of his family, specifically his wife, son, daughter, and niece.

We are so happy for Ron and are wishing him nothing but good health going forward! Congrats Ron, you did it!