TCR Podcast: Off White Pillows Ft. Tyson Fury

TCR sat down to recap their weekend out in Vegas for the Wilder vs. Fury fight. We recap all of our adventures over the weekend and give you an insight into some of the people and conversations we were able to connect with.

We were even able to sit down with the heavyweight champion of the world himself, Tyson Fury! First of all, his positive energy is everything.

We wanted to know his thoughts and take aways from the first round of Wilder vs. Fury and he tells us, that timing is everything, maybe the reason he didn't win the first fight was so that this second performance can be even more explosive, exciting and dramatic.

We also asked him how Kobe Bryant's death impacted him personally and he opens up to us about how the tragedy is a reminder that in a single moment everything can be taken away. We all need to be sure to live in the moment, for today.

Finally, we wanted to know what he wants his personal legacy to be, and turns out, he doesn't want one. He is not interested in being a role model and when he's finished with boxing, he just wants to be left alone. Can't blame him there.

Overall such a great time over the weekend and a dope conversation with the Gypsy King, huge congrats to him for the win!

Check out the full convo and more below

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