The Importance Of Social Distancing During Coronavirus

It is understandable that a lot of people may be scared or confused during this crazy time in the world. Even for us, when Coronavirus first starting raising concerns, we thought people were overreacting about the whole thing. We even know a guy who went out and bought an entire pallet of toilet paper (too much man come on!). It wasn't until somebody took the time to have a calm conversation with me about the true risk and concerns that we should be focused on, for me to finally understand it, as well as the necessary steps we need to take.

It's not that this virus is going to come through and kill off half of the population. In fact, it has less than a 4% mortality rate. The real fear of the Coronavirus, is the speed of its spread among the population. If we do nothing, the virus will spread extremely quick, and although the majority of people will most likely be fine and survive it, there will be a lot of people who will need medical care and hospitalization. With such a rapid spread, this will lead to more people than our health care system is set up to care for at once.

That is where social distancing comes in. If we take this drastic approach, we can slow the spread of the virus so that our healthcare system can support the number of people who need the care. This is a virus that can be present even without symptoms, so you may think you're fine and don't have it, so you're good to go out to your favorite concert or sports game, and next thing you know, you spread it to three others who will each spread it to three others as well. Of course we all miss sports and are bummed about so many exciting large events being cancelled. But at the end of the day, we are all a community and need to be team players for the bigger picture.

If we do not social distance, the virus will spread extremely fast, many people will need medical care and they will overcrowd our hospitals, we won't have enough resources to support them, and this will also affect other types of medical care as well. Think about this, you and your family may be fine if you catch the virus, but what if others are not, they are taking all of the beds in hospitals etc. and then you or your family are involved in a car accident and need medical attention, that medical care is now be limited because of this and you may not get the care you need.

Please, take the time to understand how important this is, and do your part to help the overall community. Stay home as much as possible and avoid going out and gathering in large crowds, even if you feel healthy.

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