Maintaining Mental Health During Coronavirus Pandemic

David Meer, Licensed Professional Counselor, put together his top 12 recommendations to maintaining strong mental health during this coronavirus pandemic. He breaks each one down with additional resources and suggestions on how to successfully execute these and the impact each one can have on your mental health. His list is as follows and you can check out the entire article here.

  1. Build exercise and movement into your routine.
  2. Prioritize diet and nutrition.
  3. Keep up with good sleep hygiene.
  4. Stay connected with the ones you love.
  5. Spend time outside in nature.
  6. Limit use of screens.
  7. Be mindful and meditate.
  8. Express gratitude, compassion, and kindness.
  9. Be helpful to others.
  10. Educate yourself.
  11. Think about your purpose and reevaluate your values.
  12. Have fun.

It's definitely a weird and scary time right now and everybody's anxiety is certainly higher than normal, so be sure to find ways to prioritize your mental health and take care of yourself.