Vanessa Guillen's Case Has Been Closed

Vanessa Guillen, private first class of the US Army, was reported missing from Army base Fort Hood. Vanessa's family stated that Vanessa had recently confessed to them that she was sexually assaulted by a superior on base. A few days later, she was gone. It seemed that nobody was doing anything to find her, there wasn't even an active search for her. Thank's to the power of social media, the world got a hold of the story and petitions began to catch a lot of momentum bringing a lot of attention and heat to the situation. After a lot of pressure, an investigation was finally opened to search for the missing soldier.

Recently, it was announced that human remains were found and the search for the missing soldier was concluded. However, it has yet to be officially confirmed that the human remains are PFC Vanessa Guillen. Her remains were found near another missing soldier's remains. There have been two suspects in Vanessa's disappearance, one suspect committed suicide when confronted by police, and the second is in custody awaiting charges.

This tragic and extremely upsetting situation is ongoing and has the world upset. We all demand justice and answers to what happened to Vanessa Guillen and need change so this can stop happening to those who sacrifice so much to defend our country.

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