Naya Rivera Has Gone Missing

Glee actress Naya Rivera was reported missing after her 4 year old son was found alone on a rental boat in Lake Piru in Los Padres National Forest. Naya Rivera and her son rented a boat at Lake Piru for three hours and when the boat was not returned, an employee went out to search for them and found her 4-year-old son alone on the rental boat, and Naya Rivera nowhere to be found. After officials talked to her son, he stated that "[him] and mommy where swimming and mommy never came back to the boat."

The search began for Naya Rivera immediately until the sun went down and resumed the following morning. Currently, Naya Rivera has not been discovered and it has been presumed she may have drowned.

We are all hoping this is not the case and Naya Rivera is found alive and ok! Positive vibes to her and her entire family.