Nipsey Hussle Estate Gets $4.1 Million For Final Appraisal

TMZ is reporting Nipsey Hussle's estate has been appraised at $4,169,088.57.

According to TMZ most of Nipsey's net worth comes from trademark portfolio, shares of companies he owned as well as personal items ... like gold necklaces and Rolexes.

Here's some of the break down:

  1. He owned 25% of stock in The Marathon Clothing, worth $271k
  2. 100% profit in All Money In No Money Out Inc., worth over $2 million
  3. His trademark portfolio -- which includes his name, voice, signature, photograph or likeness on or in products, merchandise or goods -- is worth $913,000.

And it wasn't clear what other assets were counted in the final appraisal since it was stated in the documents that he didn't own real estate.

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