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Earn $25000 to Tell Your Family You're Not Coming Home For the Holidays

It's been such a tough year for so many people and now with the holidays coming up, it is being recommended that you don't travel.

The travel website Hot Wire wants to help make it a little bit easier to stay home and tell your family you won't be visiting this holiday season, by giving you $25,000!

How it works is you go to the company's website and use the "Happy Next Holidays" generator to create a customized message that will be sent to your family to break the news, that you wont be home for the holidays.

The message will be sent in either and email, flyover banner, social media post or even a billboard.

Anyone using the generator will automatically be entered into the company's "IOU-trip" giveaway. Where one lucky winner will get an all-expenses-paid-for trip that will include the entire family and will be valued around $25,000.

Specifically, your flights and hotel will be covered and you'll also receive an extra $15,580 in cash to spend while away. So if you win, it makes skipping this holiday season worth it!

To use the "Happy Next Holidays" generator click here.

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