Hotel Celebrating 'Home Alone' 30th Anniversary With Themed Suite

It is the 30th anniversary of Home Alone and to celebrate the hotel Graduate Evanston is creating a suite themed from the movie.

The hotel wants fans to have the whole Kevin McAllister experience, so the room is designed to replicate a McAllister bedroom, which will include a terrarium with a fake tarantula, a bathroom stocked with vintage aftershave, a battle plan map for the robbers.a replica of Kevin's green bathrobe, Little Nero's Pizza boxes, a Michael Jordan cutout, VHS tapes of "Home Alone" and "The Grinch," a four-poster bed with red sheets and a whole lot more!

When you book using the code "Kevin," not only do you get the whole room experience but you will be able to explore the streets where "Home Alone" began and some cheesy pizza!

To see pictures or get info on booking click here

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