Eminem Had to Relearn to Rap After Drug Overdose

Recently Eminem opened up in an interview about his leaked track, where he sides with Chris Brown over the 2009 Rihanna assault.

Eminem did apologize to Rihanna is his latest album, but mentions how he was in a really dark time when he made the leaked track after his overdose.

In the interview he says “I have zero recollection of even remembering doing that verse.Like the rhyme schemes didn’t even sound like familiar to me. So I was caught off-guard too. I was like, ‘What the f**k, I said that?’ That was during early stages of theRelapserecord that I was working on.”

He does go on to say there is no excuses for what was said, it was wrong and it was when he was learning to rap again, along with many other things he had to relearn.

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