Lil Kim Talks Potential Biopic and Who She Wants to Play Her

One of hip-hops iconic women could be getting her own biopic. Lil Kim mentioned in an Essence interview a biopic of her life could be in the works, but couldn't give us all the details.

" I have a few offers. I have a secret but I can’t tell you." It’s dealing with me and my life a little bit, kinda. You'll know in like another month. It's going to come out."

Even though she didn't spill all the tea she did mention how she sees her story in parts from a young girl to adulthood and she think Teyana Taylor would play the perfect young adult version of herself.

'I love Teyana. "She's my only other thought. There's nobody else in the industry at all but Teyana. But, even before Teyana, I would love to give some little girls from Brooklyn a chance so I can connect. Really connect."

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