American Airlines Launching Wine Delivery Service

The pandemic has hurt many businesses, especially the airlines, but in more ways than one. With more people flying less American Airlines have found itself with a lot more wine than it needs!

The company has so much extra wine, American Airlines had decided to start a wine delivery service in hopes of shipping excess wine to homes.

The new program is called American Airlines Flagship Cellars and will give customers a change to buy wine by the bottles, in custom "curated" cases or via a monthly subscription of $99 a month.

American Airlines' single-bottle wine offerings range in price from about $13 to $40, and the most expensive offering is a $300 three-pack of Champagne.

Purchasing the $99 monthly subscription gives customers access to discounted prices, a monthly shipment of three bottles of wines, and customers will rack up two AAdvantage Miles for every dollar spent.

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