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Bride Says Sister-In-Law Needs to Wear Baggy Clothes to Her Wedding

Wedding are suppose to be a celebration of love, but sometimes it brings out the worst in the brides!

One bridezilla is upset her sister-in-law lost 20 pounds and wants her to wear baggy clothes to the wedding or she can't come!

Apparently she's afraid everyone's attention will be on the sister-in-law's weight loss rather than on her for her big day.

The woman posted in a reddit forum that she doesn't feel like she did anything wrong. She had more time to get in shape over the pandemic and wasn't purposely trying to sabotage the wedding.

To make it worse her own husband agrees with the bride (it's his sister)!

In the reddit forum the woman mentions how the bride said that she knew she was getting married and had her whole life to get in shape and purposely chose right before her wedding.

Do you think she should wear the baggy clothes or tell her sister-in-law off?

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