How Disney's 'Frozen' Helped to Solve a 62-Year-Old Case

Disney's Frozen has become a favorite movie for our children, but who would of thought the movie would help close a 62-year-old case.

The incident took place in Russia back in 1959, where nine skilled hikers were found dead, with their tents ripped open and their bodies scattered around the campsite. Over the years different conspiracy theories have developed suggesting animal attacks, katabatic winds, and even Soviet parachute mine testing.

But now those conspiracies can be put to rest after Johan Gaume, who is a modern-day researcher teamed up with Disney Animation Studios to obtain Frozen's snow animation code.

Apparently, Gaume saw how realistic the movement of the snow was in the film, he wanted to test his own avalanche theory of what happened at Dyatlov Pass.

And thanks to the help of Frozen's animation code Gaume was able to create a scenario of an avalanche and how it could cause such gruesome injuries found on the victims' bodies.

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