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Second Grade Girl Expelled From School, Over Girl Crush on Another Student

8-year-old Chloe was a second grader at Rejoice Christian School In Oklahoma, but was expelled because of her girl crush on another student.

Chloe's mom Delanie Shelton, said on Jan 21, she received a call from the school that she needed to pick up her daughter after an "incident on the playground."

When she arrived to pick up her daughter the Vice Principal asked how she feels "about girls liking girls."

Shelton responded with," Well, if I'm being honest with you, I think it's OK for girls to like girls."

Shelton continued to share how the vice principal looked disgusted with her answer and said the principal wanted to know where she learned "this kind of language about the word gay."

Shelton explained unless you completely shelter your children they learn through the representation of gay couples in many tv shows, including those for children.

"It's just part of life," she stated.

She was then told by school official to take Chloe home and not to bring her back the next day.

When they got home her daughter was extremely upset questioning if God still loved her after a teacher said, "The Bible says that you can only marry a man, an you can only have kids with a man, and it's a sin for girls to like girls, and it's not in the Bible, and it's not OK in God's eyes."

The following day the superintendent called telling Shelton the school would be ending their partnership with them, because the family's beliefs did not align with that of the school.

Since the incident Chloe has been enrolled in a new school and received both local and national support.

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