Everything You Need to Know About Paramount+

The new streaming service Paramount+ is launching March 4th and I'm really excited about what they'll be streaming!

The streaming service will launch at two separate pricing tiers: an ad-supported version that includes full breadth of Paramount movies, Paramount Plus originals, a “massive portion of library,” according to streaming CEO Tom Ryan, and current seasons of CBS shows for $4.99. This is launching in June. The premium tier will have live sports supplemented with even more options, live CBS news feeds, and a live CBS TV experience for $9.99. The company will have more information about bundle options “soon.”

But if you sign up early and use the code PARAMOUNTPLUS you'll get your first year 50% off and be able to check out all the new shows they have coming like the animated Rugrats series, a live-action fairy godparents and reboots of Paranormal activity and Pet Cemetery.

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