Get Paid $1,200 to Drink Beer!

If you're a beer lover this is definitely a job for you! EduBirdie is looking for professional hangover testers, which doesn't sound too appealing when they put it that way lol

But if you are already waking up hungover from a night of slamming beers, might as well get paid for the headache.

The company is looking to hire 28-40 people to test out 15 different American beers and how it effects your productivity the next morning.

If selected you'll be provided with two to four brands of beer, snacks and water for you and up to three friends. (So you don't have to drink alone)

You'll get paid a flat fee of $300 per beer brand that you will test over the course of three weeks.

After each beer you test, you'll evaluate it based on hangover severity, dizziness, head-racking, fatigue, dry mouth, light sensitivity, and general beer satisfaction. 

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