Cardi B Deactivates Twitter, After Announcing New Doll Will Be Dropping

Cardi B made a huge announcement on Today that she was launching her own doll, with hopes of also launching other artist dolls.

She shared the inspiration behind her new venture:

I have a 2-year-old, right? And I buy dolls every time I go to Target and they expensive. Somebody came with this idea to me and I’m like, ‘That is great because I would love my daughter to play with a doll that looks like me.’ I mean, all these other dolls look like me, I might as well make one for myself. But then I also came up with a plan, because these dolls are supposed to represent different women. So I feel like after mine drops, I want to drop a doll of different artists. Then I also want to do fun things on Instagram and I want women that have different careers than me to tell me a little bit about their life and everything, and I want to pick them and I don’t know, maybe I have a doll and she’s a doctor, she’s a nurse, you know what I’m saying? Just different types of women and I want to display them and I want them to look beautiful just like me.”

Now this should have been a positive announcement, but some fans were upset the announcement was to release a doll over new music.

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