Bad Bunny and Adidas Announce Partnership

Bad Bunny has been busy with music, winning the WWE Championship, but now he has partnered up with Adidas to drop his new signature sneaker on March 17.

The shoe will be called "The First Cafe" and Bad Bunny issued a statement about the collaboration:

"I have always loved sneakers since I was a kid. They were the essential detail of the style I wanted and the look I wanted to have depending on what I was going to do that day. I would go out with my friends and we would ask each other, what sneakers are you going to wear today? At the same time, we would talk about those sneakers we dreamt of having one day. It's something that defines you and at the same time it brings people together. Ultimately, it's what accompanies you and adds style as you walk the path you choose to take. Today, it feels great to create my own design with people who I share the same sentiment. It feels amazing knowing that my next steps will be in my own sneakers."

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