Mustard Accuses His Personal Shopper of Stealing Over $50k From Him

Mustard is exposing his now ex "stylist,' Karissa C. Walker for charging over $50,000 on his credit cards!

Apparently Karissa was buying lavish gifts for herself without Mustard's knowledge or consent. She did apologize when Mustard confronted her in text messages, which he did post.

“Attention to all my people who know me I wanna bring something up everyones attention !” Mustard began. “@KarissaCWalker is a thief and a liar !!!! She is not my stylest she was a personal shopper for me and @ChanelDijon we let her use the stylest word so she could get business but the truth is she did nothing but shop !!!”

Apparently, Mustard was paying her a pretty good salary too of $6k a month!

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