El Pollo Loco Announces Grant Program to Help Mothers in L.A.

El Pollo Loco wants to do something to help mothers in the Greater Los Angeles area, announcing its "Strong Like A Madre" grant program.

A grant of $5k will be given to 12 mothers who put their lives and careers on hold due to the pandemic. The company hopes to give mothers the resources to get them back to pursuing their dreams.

"Mothers are the backbone of society and they're constantly making sacrifices and putting themselves last in order to nurture and protect others. During the pandemic, they've had to make even more concessions they've grappled with home schooling, childcare, work and overwhelming stress," said El Pollo Loco's President and Chief Executive Officer Bernard Acoca.

There will be three different grants and four mothers will be selected for each.

  • The Dream Gig - For the mom who’s always dreamed of being her own boss or pursuing an unrealized passion, the Dream Gig offers a $5,000 check to mom so she may pursue opportunities for scholarships, mentorship, industry conventions, and funding to get her business off the ground.
  • The Dream Relaunch - For the mom who had to take time off from work this year or was laid off, the Dream Relaunch will help her break back into her industry with a $5,000 check to pursue resources such as: interview coaching, resume services, networking communities, and more.
  • The Dream Escape - For the mom who, more than anything, needs a breather from burnout, the Dream Escape will give her a $5,000 check for a much-needed weekend getaway, childcare coverage, luxurious accommodations, premium subscriptions, or whatever mom needs to recharge.

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