J. Cole Doesn't See Kendrick Lamar and Drake as Competition Anymore

J. Cole doesn't see Drake or Kendrick as competition

In a recent interview J. Cole opened up about how he no longer sees Drake or Kendrick Lamar as competition. Now he wasn't saying this in disrespectful way, but has learned to value their friendship over competitiveness.

"I've been absolutely trying to make an effort as time goes on, to strip the competition from me," said Cole. "I"m more interested in the relationship 'cause I also see a time when I'm not doing this. That seems very realistic to me."

He continued, "I'm more interested in the genuine relationship. Before I was interested in the competition. Before I was just interested in putting pressure or responding to pressure... It's just less competition in my mine 'cause n****as is old, bro."

What do you think of J. Cole's perspective?

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