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Lil Jon Gets His Own HGTV Home Improvement Show

Lil Jon Gets His Own HGTV Show

Lil Jon is going to star in a home renovation show on HGTV call "Lil Jon Want To Do What?".

The show will follow him around as he "offers skeptical homeowners startlingly unconventional renovation ideas that seem impossible to execute," according to a release.

The show is suppose to air this summer

In a statement Lil Jon said, " I love walking into someone's house and turning it upside down. When people hear my name, they automatically think... fun! That same energy goes for my designs as well. I don't love following design trends- I would rather be the trendsetter."

One of Jon's ideas is apparently to gut a basement and add a "fully decked-out speakeasy."

Would you let Lil Jon renovate your home?

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