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Woman Dies Homeless, Unaware of Her $884k Inheritance

Transfer of Wealth - Financial Concepts

Cathy Boone, a woman living in the streets of Astoria, Oregon died in a shelter, not knowing she had an inheritance waiting to be claimed.

Her mother Patrica Lupton died in 2018, leaving her daughter almost $900,000, but all attempts to find Boone failed.

Apparently her mother's estate tried to track her down using Facebook messages, emails to family, employing a private investigator and placing ads in local newspapers, but there was never any luck.

Jack Spithill, Boone's Father said, "It just didn't make sense to me. That money was just sitting there and she needed help in the worst way."

Spitfill said his daughter was suffering from drug and mental health issues, but "when she was good, she was really good."

Boone did have two children and the estate is working to see if it can be passed to them.

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