T- Pain is Clearing Up His Comments About Usher Telling Him He Ruined Music

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A lot of people were coming to T-Pain's defense after a docuseries on Netflix called 'This Is Pop,' aired with T-Pain telling an experience he had with Usher.

The 'Buy U a Drank' singer claimed that back in 2013 they were both flying in the same airplane to an award when he was called over to Usher's seat and told by the singer that he ruined music with autotune, leading T-Pain into a four year depression.

However, TP wants to clarify it's not as big of a deal as he might have made it seem, writing "I still love and respect @Usher telling that story was in no way meant to disrespect that man. Ppl talk s*** about me 24/7 but when it comes from someone you truly respect it hits different."

He continued with "I never said f*** Ursh it was a drop in the ocean of s*** I was already goin through."

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