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Instagram Rolls Out New Safety Feature for Underage Children


Photo: Getty Images

Instagram is looking for ways to make its social media platforms after for underage children.

For starters, IG will be making new accounts private by default for kids under 16, along with blocking some adults from interacting with teens on the platform.

For underage children who already have accounts and are set to public will be alerted and sent notifications and tutorials on how to make their accounts private and the importance of keeping a limited audience.

In a blog post from Instagram the company stated, "Encouraging young people to have private accounts is a big step in the right directions when it come to stopping unwanted contact from adults. But we're going even further to make young people's accounts difficult to find for certain adults."

The new settings will even restrict how advertisers can target teens.

I def like where IG is going and think all social media accounts should follow the same restrictions!

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